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Actually pretty excited at this point to get back to this.

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First note on the updated site layout! Singulus and Wilson now support many more post types, including: bookmarks, likes, replies, and reposts! Next major item on the agenda is sending Webmentions from the aforementioned citation-type posts.

My IndieAuth server at now supports PKCE, thanks to the support for it already there in Doorkeeper!

Next milestone on my IndieWeb journey accomplished! The short ID of this note is also its path on my new shortlink service built into Singulus and served up from!

This site now has its own IndieAuth implementation! Had a fun time this weekend hacking on Doorkeeper to extend its functionality for the IndieAuth spec.

Tony Burns

This is my first note with a photo attached to it! The image gets uploaded to Amazon S3 by my Singulus backend, which in turn publishes it to this Hugo website by adding the URL and alt text of the photo to the YAML front matter in the post.

Although the Singulus backend supports multiple asset uploads to a single post right now, the theme for this Hugo site currently renders just the first photo as the hero image for the post.

This is my first note created in Singulus and automatically published to Hugo!

This is a note on Eventually these will get syndicated automatically to and Twitter.